Specialty Care for YOU

Specialty Care

Ambulance Transportation for Acutely Critical or Chronically Ill patients requiring Advanced Life Support

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Basic Life Support Available through OnTime

Basic Life Support

Transportation for those who require stretcher, continuous monitoring and basic life support services.

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Wheelchair Van Services for You

Wheelchair Van

Transportation for those who require wheelchair assistance.

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Medical Car

Transportation for those who require assistance and/or supervision to appointments.

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Specialty Care Transports

Our Specialty Care Transportation Units (SCTU) are utilized for patients in need of advanced life support and specialized medical intervention or monitoring. Each ambulance is staffed with a registered nurse and EMTs who have critical care experience. Our SCT service is overseen by a board-certified Medical Doctor who specializes in emergency care.

Basic Life Support

Each ambulance is staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who are trained to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) services. These include patient assessment, monitoring vital signs, immobilization (splinting), oxygen administration, airway adjuncts, and restraining combative patients.

Bariatric Ambulance

Our Bariatric ambulances are designed to handle overweight patients with care, safety and dignity. All units are equipped with a heavy capacity stretcher, Hovermat® transfer system, ramps and a heavy duty winch that safely assists loading of the stretcher into the ambulance.

Wheelchair Transports

For the safety and comfort of our wheelchair-bound patients, all of our wheelchair vans have hydraulic lifts, raised roofs and a five point restraint system. All drivers are certified in CPR, Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operator(MAVO) and oxygen administration.

Medical Car

Our medical cars transport physically and mentally challenged patients who are ambulatory but require assistance and/or supervision to and from their appointments.

Bus and Shuttle

Many medical, therapeutic and recreational programs require efficient scheduling and routing for their many participants. We are the preferred transportation provider for many types of group programs and have the knowledge and experience to assure safe and timely service.

If your facility is currently using a different transportation provider, ask yourself:

  1. Is your medical transportation provider keeping you informed of the latest Medicare guidelines?

  2. Are they able to provide you with detailed reporting regarding your facility trip volume, timely performance, as well as survey results?

  3. As an extension of your care, are they truly providing your residences with timely and professional medical transportation services?

Your program requires a medical transportation company that pays attention to detail, understands your needs, and acts fast to accommodate them.  We look to provide the best customer service, technologies, and capabilities in medical transportation.  Many healthcare facilities and programs throughout the State of New Jersey have partnered with us, and we take our committment very seriously. Learn more about our partnerships.

On Time EMS partners with communities in New Jersey to provide 9-1-1 emergency services 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. Our team of experienced EMS professionals work with cities, counties, fire departments and government agencies to ensure they receive the highest level of patient care.  Our state of the art communication department works in tandem with many healthcare facilities, and city and county EMS dispatch centers, to provide urgent and emergency medical transportation.

Stand By Events


On Time Ambulance provides ambulance stand-by services.  Our emergency vehicle and crew will stay on scene for the duration of the event due to the potential hazards or high risk of injury during your event.

If your company has a need for a stand-by ambulance, first aid services and emergency crew, please contact us at (800) 858-8463 or (908) 298-9500 or email us at

Long Distance Trips Available

Regardless of the mode of transportation needed, On Time specializes in long distance medical transportation for a wide variety of medical conditions. We have the resources to provide long distance Specialty Care Transportation (SCT), Basic Life Support (BLS), Wheelchair Van and Medical Car Services.

As a specialist in non-emergency long distance medical transportation, On Time Ambulance has the knowledge and skill to provide comfortable and safe transport for your patients or loved ones who need to travel. Our goal is to provide those seeking non-emergency medical transportation an alternative to the unnecessarily high costs of long distance limousine or taxi services.

We can also coordinate air ambulance transportation for you since we have working relationships with many companies throughout the country. We have traveled to such places as Virginia and Canada with only one day's notice. We have the experience and skills to assure that your loved one will be in safe hands during any long distance ride. Our vehicle tracking system also gives us the ability to follow any patient the entire time that they are enroute to their destination.

Learn more about long distance medical transportation.

We offer a wide variety of additional services, which can help to improve the performance of your transportation program.

Wrapped Vehicles

Push Alerts and Reporting

Vehicle Tracking and GPS

Quality Assurance Pet Therapy

Electronic Patient Care Reports

On Site Safety and Training Center

Customized Materials

In House Fleet Repairs and Maintenance

Backup Generator and Fail Safes

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