Children’s Specialized Hospital

For the past twenty years, On Time Ambulance has had a long-standing relationship providing services for Children’s Specialized Hospital for the day hospital, pediatric medical day care and other event needs.  We were a key competent for their transition from Mountainside to New Brunswick, New Jersey, moving approximately 50 children from each location and using three modes of transportation.  The Executive Vice President and COO, Warren Moore, has described our services as, “extremely ‘patient focused’ and having maintained an excellent record of keeping scheduled appointments.  On Time meets the high quality standards that we set for our vendors, and at times they have exceeded our quality measures.” Our relationship with Children’s Specialized Hospital continues as we transport their children daily, providing emergency and non-emergency stretcher transportation, wheelchair van and medical car transportation services.


Union County Special Educational Services Commission

On Time Transport has been involved with the Union County Special Educational Services for over ten years.  It has been a rewarding experience as we have taken the initiative to transport hundreds of school trips for special education services.  By law, disabled children have the right to be transported to and from school; however, it can be extremely difficult for school boards to find a “busing” company that understands the needs of medically fragile or special needs children.  Bill Schaarschmidt, Union County’s Transportation Coordinator, recalls instances where parents were “patiently loyal to your company simply because they know that their children are safest when transported by On Time.  The adjectives used to describe your company are always the same—reliable, caring, on time!”  Over the years we have taken more than the necessary measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our disabled students and have assisted Union County in coordinating many difficult routes. 


Voorhees Pediatric Medical Day Care

Voorhees Pediatric Medical Day Care Facility is a nationally recognized program that provides rehabilitation and special services to medically fragile children.  Voorhees Pediatrics’ dedication to their special needs patients aligns with On Time’s visions and philosophies: we both have a mission to provide the most comfortable and safe service with an impeccable attention to detail.  Our continued investment in our Specialty Care Transport program is due to the investment we have in programs like Voorhees Pediatrics.  “We have found On Time to be an excellent partner with our organization.  Our staff works closely with their drivers, EMTs, and nurses every day and we are very fortunate that they share the same values of excellence and compassion in patient care”, a review from Voorhees Pedicatric Facility.


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